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An extremely hypocritical and self-righteous club that prides itself on the idea of community service. This club lives up to its ideal to some degree by volunteering and conducting community-service events;99.9% of members are Asian. However, during the events, members of this club typically outcast and refuse to socialize with other members who are not Asian. Key Club members are socially cruel in the sense that they believe anyone who is not Asian is not worthy of their attention or social interaction during events, or other club gatherings. Key Clubbers are loud, annoying and obnoxious white-washed Asians who only join to have something to put on their college applications. (Btw, this is NOT by any means an offense to Asians at large).
Key Club is having their annual end-of-the-year dance. A non-Asian approaches a group of joyous Asians and says hi.They all give him or her a fake smile and gently but quickly walk away.

During the same dance, a non-Asian guy asks a girl to dance. She gives him a "im-into-asians" look and says no.

During one of the community service events, a non-Asian starts a conversation with a member. Everything is fine until more members come and then the non-Asian is excluded from the group. The member who the non-Asian first talked to, completely ignores him or her.

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