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1) Feces (noun, informal)
2) To extract feces (verb, informal)
3) Exclamation of surprise, delight, disgust, danger or any other jolting emotion
4) (verb) To fool, to kid, to con.
5) usually used with 'together': a) the essence of ones being (b) ones behavior or nature (c) ones composure (d) ones attention to the task at hand
6) reference to anything, object person or action, which referencer treats with low or carefree regard.
7) drugs
8) (adjective) bad, inferior
9) (adjective), used with 'the': great, superior
10) comparative noun
11) reference to nothing
1) Clean your shit off the toilet.
2) Don't shit where you eat.
3) Oh shit, there goes my train! Oh shit you got us front row tickets!
4) Are you shitting me? No man, I shit you not.
5) You better pull/have/get your shit together otherwise you're outta here. Don't be actin' like your shit don't stink.
6) Get your shit packed and outta here by tomorrow. The little shit walked in like he owned the place. What is this shit? Why'd you have to do that shit for? That's some fine/weird-ass shit right there. Check that shit out man.
7) Hey man, lets do that good shit you got from downtown.
8) This food is shit, I don't know why I come here.
9) Paco's Taco is the shit, it's the only taco for me man.
10) this movie is as funny as shit
11) Why you pissed at me, I didn't do shit man. Pigs ain't got shit on me.
by XStream May 25, 2006

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