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It is a very small city in the Poconos, PA. It is one of the few places that has sidewalks and a slightly urban, or suburban feel with the old city look... almost, because it is small. There are plenty of transplants, as in most of the Pocono Mountain area. The city has a mix of country-ish people and the previously urban. It is in a tourist area. A small mall, a few decent eateries aside from the tourist attractions of its general location. There seems to be a conflict between the people that have lived here for a very long time, perhaps generations, and the recently emigrated.
A racist white man from stroudsburg (3 generations) makes a comment about the urban influx.. and this breaches his intellectual insights about the capabilities of the human mind and its capacity. Race is a purely theoretical concept to this man, and the years of watching news geared to a white-middle class audience have done him in.
by XMZ December 16, 2010

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