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1 definition by XLTed

A simple adjective, unlike all those complicated SAT words that no one ever uses, used to describe every single thing when it comes to a certain squid and encompass everything about her in one word. Its a word that never leaves a certain XL teddy bears mind when shes on his mind. Sometimes its said as a whisper when he sees her from a far, sometimes it is a thought when she says his name and sometimes is a sigh when she hugs him tight. Sometimes its the way she looks at him, sometimes its the way she comforts him, sometimes its just the way she smiles. Sometimes its the way she brushes her hair back and sometimes its the way holds your hand. Sometimes its just life with her in it. Sometimes....its just everything about her and everything she does. so yeah basically, its an adjective that really makes any other adjective obsolete, hence the teddy bear with a horrible vocabulary :P

def has a positive connotation ^.^
squid ..............................wow!
by XLTed April 07, 2013