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A word used to say something is on something all the time. A smell or object stuck on an object. When someone is knowing something about someone else.
John:"I covered a wide receiver in football today" Cole:"How did you do" John:"I was on him like Stink on Shit" John:"Do you see those bugs there on me like Stink on Shit"
by XJDUBX October 15, 2010
A defined word for poop or shit . A big Poop in a bowl. When someone is to caka. When old man is to take a massive shit in someones mouth such as his young wife.
Wow did you see that caka it was huge. Wow that guy had a huge Caka. Dude i need to go to the bathroom i think i got a huge caka. Wow look at that girl she looks like a caka.
by XJDUBX October 15, 2010

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