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A channel that used to have great shows like Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Salute your Shorts, Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains it all, and many more.

Then somebody decided it would be nice to fuck everybody up the ass by targeting their audience to immature homosexual 6 year old cockfags and canceling all their "inappropriate" shows.

Hell even Spongebob was ok for its first season. Same with the Fairly Odd Parents. But after that, they took a long load of shit off work and just played re-runs and Polly Pocket commercials.

When they came back, they completely gayed up everything. For example, in nearly every Spongebob episode, he is always crying like a baby, or singing in his usual high-pitched voice.

When they made Invader Zim all sanity was thought to have been restored. Then it's canceled. Quickly. What a load of fuck.

Whenever they try to make new shows, they completely fail. They make it, turns out it sucks Ron Paul's balls, and then they cancel it. For example, Catscratch. Or Kappa Mikey. Or El Tigre. Or Just Jordan. Or Marvin Mystery. And Jimmy Neutron (EW that show was so gay).

The exact same will happen with the extremely eye-watering utter fail shows Back at the Barnyard, and The Mighty B.

Nickelodeon used to have events like U-Pick-Live for example. Then they "re-made" it with overenthusiastic nerd hosts. Every day you'd hear them say, "and HERE'S more, SPONGEBOB!!" and it would just be another fucking re-run.

And yet at the "Kid's Choice Awards" they'd bring back Pick boy, and all the little 5 year olds would be like "wtf is he?" because they canceled him a long time ago. :/

And speaking of Kid's Choice Awards, notice how these asshats always pick people like, hannah montana for example, as "best actress", etc. What the fuck is wrong with these kiddies?

They seem so interested with their Naked Brothers Band. Well of course, just like them, their testicles haven't dropped yet. The naked brothers band thinks it "cool" to play sing-a-long songs in front of a microphone, and the lead "singer" with the mole on his face and with bloodshot eyes and greasy hair thinks he's "sexy".

Now here we are again with re-runs of gay shows released at least 100 years ago like Spongebob or the Fairly Odd Parents.

Thank you Nickelodeon. Thank you for making America's children interested in shows in which the characters CONSTANTLY TALK TO THEMSELVES. And sing, and cry, all the freaking time. And have lame, lame jokes.

You have inspired me to kill myself. Thank you, Nickelodeon.

dude: um. what? you are a girl, right?

kid: no, why?

dude: ... nickelodeon fag, much?

kid: gtg another re-run of BACK AT DA BARENYAWRD is pwaying.

-- -- --
kid has been kicked. <no furries allowed.>
by XFi6 August 20, 2008
Pronounced like "fyoonie".

The way retards who can't spell, and idiots who think leet speak is cool, spell the word "funny".

This means that whatever is "funy" is only funny to little immature kiddies who haven't hit puberty yet, or to retards that do not have an actual sense of humor, so for everyone else, it is not funny at all.

Actual person: Really? Get laid. Then we'll know what's really funny.
by XFi6 May 25, 2008
"Backwards Long Jump". Referred to the glitch in Super Mario 64, where if you repeatedly long jump backwards up a slope / set of stairs, you will accelerate extremely fast—so fast that you break through walls, including invisible ones.

One of the most awesome glitches in the game.
Guy 1: Did you see that 0-star TAS that SwordlessLink and AKA made?

Guy 2: Yeah, the most awesome use of BLJ I've ever seen.
by XFi6 June 21, 2008
The noun for the word "spamer" (when noobs misspell "spammer").

spammer = spam
spamer = spame
Noob 1: QWERTYUIOP1234567890
Noob 1: udsuUSHDGUHSDUHiudgfijg
Random Guy: ...
Noob 1: i no i spame a lot ^_^
by XFi6 January 01, 2008
Teachers (see pedophile) are sluts who got divorced or married a dumbass and who can't afford to live, so they take the first job they can find and take out all their anger on the students. Let's see, how so? Let's look at an example:

Kid: Mrs. Anders--
Teacher: WHAT?
Kid: Oh I uh, just wanted to know if--
Teacher: Did I give you permission to get out of your seat?
Kid: Well no--
Teacher: That's it, you're getting written up.
Kid: But I just wanted to ask you something.
Teacher: WHAT???
Kid: Can I please have yesterday's homework?
Teacher: No. Now take this conduct slip and go to the office.

"Hmm, well, maybe she was just having a hard day", you may be thinking. You might even be thinking it's what she teaches that matters. After all, the reason why we have school is to learn, right?

If this was the case, the teachers would be able to explain everything they teach in a nice, easy-to-understand way. They would be showing it's OK to make mistakes because it's a natural part of life and they understand. And that we're all in this together, to learn how nice and fun it is to learn such wonderful things.

Instead we have asshats who didn't learn fuck and are just sticking to what the book and curriculum say. They just tell you bits of information and expect you to put it all together in order. Then they give you homework and expect the homework to be what teaches you. But they didn't actually look at the homework themselves, and so the homework has what the teacher didn't cover at all because he was either lazy or procrastinated or some shit.

And let's say we forget some homework. It's the natural part of life, right? We procrastinated maybe and found later we were just too tired. When we do something like this the teachers make us come up to them and they yell at us. Then they make us feel like idiots by insulting us and humiliating us in front of the class. Teachers can even take it as far as making students call their home and explain what they did.

Things like teachers, school, and homework are the reason why we haven't developed time travel yet, or efficient air/solar/water powered cars.

Teachers are fuckin' retarded.
Kid: Uh-oh, my computer crashed.
Teacher: Well it's your fault.
Kid: Why?
Teacher: Don't you back-talk to me.
Kid: But I wasn't!
Kid: Well what do I do now?
Teacher: You worthless child, you're not going to live a life with this kind of attitude. Some day someone's going to kill you and you know what, I'd be damn happy for whoever does it.
by XFi6 July 10, 2008
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