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1 definition by XDoggStrafe

A person who collects welfare, spends their whole cheque on booze and drugs and then does nothing for a month, then decides to sit on their porch the last week of the month to wait for their next welfare cheque so they can blow that on more booze and drugs and the like. Not to be confused with someone who's just on welfare. They can usually be seen starting the last Monday, or second last Monday of the month sitting on their porch from 8 am to 4 pm (or at least 2 hours AFTER the mail has gone around). Typically they will not leave their porch for any reason, even for alcohol, and as such will have it delivered to their home via beer delivery trucks.
Welfare Watcher: BILLY! Get me another beer! The mails coming around, and send your sister to the bank to cash it as soon as it gets here!
by XDoggStrafe August 30, 2009