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Used primarily during online gaming, This is the definition for a key moment in the session when either you or somebody else is top of the scoreboard and virtually untouchable whilst potentially achieving 'kills' or 'frags' the likes of which you or somebody else has never before displayed.
'I threw a grenade whilst jumping through the air off a balcony, the guy killed me just as I threw it but bounced off the wall behind him and exploded literally as the rest of his team were coming to assist him, one of my own team mates who witnessed this yelled "Superpwnage!" over his microphone!'
by X-waves-of-distortion-X November 10, 2009
He eats thunder and farts lightning.

The Big Bang? Chuck Norris had wind that day.

The reason why planet Pluto is so far away is because Chuck roundhouse kicked it.

When you dream about Chuck Norris, its no illusion, he's in your mind.

Back To The Future was a poor attempt at documenting Chuck Norris's time travelling adventures.

All of the above definitions are entirely false, Chuck Norris needs no description other than Chuck Norris.

He'll be here shortly to-.... ........
There are no examples...there is only Chuck Norris
by X-waves-of-distortion-X December 19, 2009

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