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Communism is a form of governmant based on socialist principles. Karl Marx and his associate created the economic system of socialism in which wealth would be redistributed. It was Lenin and Stalin who adapted socialism into the goverment. The motto, more or less, of Communism is "Each gives according to his talents and recieves according to his needs." Until now there has not been a truly communist society, partly because the founders have been power-hungry and in part because humanity has, on the whole, not yet reached a socially acceptable level.
Communism is the ideal social existance. Once achieved, humanity will be fre from the tyranny of currency and work in order to ensure growth, prosperity and future survival.
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by X-45B23 July 13, 2006
A German politician and leader of Austrian descent. His promises to bring the German people out of the depression that had gripped much of the world suceeded in getting him elected to the German parlaiment. His reforms brought Germany out of the depression and industrial output rose beyond pre-depression values. Hitler's fanatical views on race and governmental actions eventually led to the invasion of Austria and Poland. Later, the German invasion of France triggered the second World War. In his quest to make the Aryans the supreme rulers of Europe over 30 million people died including over 6 million Jews, Gypsies, and other "degenerate races." As the Allies entered Berlin Hitler and his aide poisoned their families and commited suicide.
I wish you would be more open-minded, you are starting to act like Adolf Hitler.
#nazi #orator #dictator #despot #political extremist
by X-45B23 July 13, 2006
One of the most flawed films ever created by the likes of an incompetent man. Star wars is not a science fictions show because of all the technical inacuracies and the utter lack of detail and imposibility of its existance. Furthermore, its central theme, aside from the obviouse story line, is that the life of one individual, more or less born to a "noble" family, is worth any price, even the lives of billions.
The epic story of Star Wars is one that blatently points out Lucas' view on society. The life of one man, Skywalker, is worth the murder of billions of people and the destruction of entire planets. Furthermore, he is redeemed, completely, by thesaving of his son.
#epic #story #stupid #foolish #fantasy
by X-45B23 July 14, 2006
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