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A other name for Earth. Mostly used in scientific and science-fiction matter. Latin orgin: Terra=World
We come in peace from Terra
to conquer... eh visit your planet.
by Wuk November 13, 2003
Shortcut for 'I return' or 'I am back' in chats. Person tells comunity that he/she return from something.
user1> afk
user1> re
user2> wb
by Wuk November 13, 2003
'Away from keyboard, on loo'. Shortcut used in chats as variation of afk (=Away from keyboard) which mark the user as been away. Mostly used by germans, 'klo' is german for 'loo'.
I am afklo
by Wuk November 13, 2003
1. A name of our sun.

2. One 'day' on other planets and moons.
1. Sol is one of billion stars in our galaxy.

2. One Sol on Mars is about 24 hours and 37 minutes.
by Wuk November 13, 2003
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