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Armita | a symbol or token of G-d,

ARM : emblem, symbol, representation, token, image, figure, mark, sign; crest, badge, device, insignia, stamp, seal, heraldic device, coat of arms, shield; logo, trademark, brand.

ITA : G-d, lord, higher-power, creator, almighty
Gender: Female
Origin: Old-Persia, common through North West regions+ of now, Iran.
My name is Armita.
by writtenwords November 24, 2012
Any time product placement, especially on a cable television program, becomes egregious and breaks the credibility of the program.

Named for Damages' second season, when a tie-in with Cadillac overwhelmingly overpowered the credibility and quality of the show.
Why did Buzz's car have to be a Prius on The Closer? God, I know about the Cadillac.
by WrittenWords September 10, 2009
The celebrity who happens to die on the same day as another, more famous celebrity, and whose death is overshadowed.

Named for the late Charlie's Angel who happened to die on the same day as Michael Jackson.
Wow, Les Paul was really the Farah Fawcett of the week.
by WrittenWords September 10, 2009

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