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Sexual act when, during fellatio, the male inserts his entire erect penis into the mouth of a partner, going so deep as to put the penis into the partner's throat. Also the name of a pornographic movie that involved the technique.
I deep throated my penis into Megan's mouth as the two of us watched Deep Throat.
by Writermike June 03, 2010
Habbos on Habbo.com who pretend to be babies. Most people hate them because they think they just want to scam you out of credits and furni. Usually talk with a lot of "W"'s in their sentences, probably because they think it makes them look cute.

Classic uniform
Boys: Hoodie of any color, hat, shorts, and bunny slippers
Girls: Hoodie of any color, pigtails (Any hairstyle you see on a baby) a skirt, and bunny slippers or flip flops
Habbo Babies: Enters adoption and sits down
Habbo Girl: Walks up to babies Hi. Can I adopt you?
Habbo Babies:Owkay (Okay)
Habbo Girl: Sends a friend request Now follow me.
At home, does mother stuff, while Habbo babies do baby stuff
by Writermike March 10, 2010
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