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Sarcastic response to another question for which the obvious answer is "yes." See also bear shit in the woods.
"Hey man, do you want a beer?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?"
by Writer@large May 28, 2006
"Dude, we've been driving for an hour. You must live in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere."
by Writer@Large January 14, 2005
The middle of nowhere. Usually used in the context of a small town on the outskirts of an urban area, or a rural area, esp. one with a low degree of cultural development or sophicstication. Related to butt-fuck nowhere. Abbreviated BFE.
"Christ, they don't even have a 7-11? We must be in the middle of butt-fuck endsville!"
by Writer@Large January 14, 2005
Someone who lives, or was born in, Michigan's Lower Penninsula. The opposite of Yooper; used more by Yooper than by Lopers themselves.
"You don't know your way around the Escanaba? You must be a Loper."
by Writer@Large January 31, 2005
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