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The word for a large penis, as opposed to wiener, which mkes it sound short.
I have a dong.
by wouldn't you like to know February 11, 2004
A very awesome chick from Charmed. Oh yeah, she dated Marilyn Manson and wore a see-through dress type thing to the VMA's.
Rose McGowan is a cool person.
by wouldn't you like to know May 06, 2005
The second rock-opera by The Who, it desribes the life of jimy, a mod from the 60s who embodies the 4 members of The Who. Quadrophonic was an alternative to stereo, which allowed 4 different channels, instead of 2. The name Quadrophenia was chosen to help describe th 4 personalities of jimy.
Quadrophenia fucking rocks!
by wouldn't you like to know February 25, 2005
A gameFAQs user often with no regard to other peoples feelings. insults them freely.
"not well known for his intelligence. or lack of it."
by wouldn't you like to know December 20, 2004
F.A.D. also said F-a-d is an abbreviation for fuckingassDeutch
Dude you're such a FAD
by Wouldn't You Like To Know April 24, 2005
participating in any number of sexual deeds. ranging from the knee high to your basic drop and give me 20
- i heard you got sockless last night
- you heard right
by wouldn't you like to know April 25, 2005
A lamer. One who is either gay, or never gets any. See snow queen. He does not know how to spell correctly or use punctuation. He uses the word "as" in place of a comma, or just puts in there to "appear" he knows what he's talking about.
1. All sasrobin talks is about sex. It's sex this and sex that.

2. Oh god, you never shut you, you're such a Sasrobin.
by Wouldn't You Like to Know November 06, 2004

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