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The fundamental element of integrity that is missing from many of America's Union members, sadly and most commonly replaced by I Got Mine Theory.
Union Brotherhood has mutated into way too much hood, and not enough brother.
by Worldhead December 02, 2009
Similar to a woman who is a chicken head, but only a tad smarter.
The only reason your sister isn't a chicken head is because she graduated college, although her choice of boyfriends makes her a turkey head.
by Worldhead November 27, 2009
An original-oldschool old-timer construction worker's term for lunchbox. During this era, dukies were made from tin, and the thermoses had glass liners in them.
As horseplay and pranks were overlooked on the job in the old days, a man's dukie was definitely off limits, as much as his vehicle, home and family, by (honor). Now, a guy wouldn't hesitate to steal your lunch or your meds, let alone your wallet or your phone if he had half a chance.....so much for (union brotherhood).....
by worldhead November 12, 2009
Slang for beer, originating in the Glenville district of Cleveland, Ohio.
Last night me and the crew drank much guth.
by Worldhead October 19, 2009
Stealing from a construction jobsite.
I shop the jobsite at least twice a week, and sell at fleamarkets on the weekends.
by Worldhead December 04, 2009
What appears to be a city away from the world-famous strip where people live, is in fact a very large Ed Hardy influenced gathering of tribal-tatooed, pierced/gauged-out douche bags/bagettes.

The day to day focus of life in Douche Vegas is to act as though you're the richest douche in town.

Douche Vegas's metropolitain area is a wasteland of lifeless plazas, saturated with smokeshops, nailsalons, and payday loan stores, to keep all the douches at their douchiest, by staying high all the time, to keep all the low-budget douches in the short trem credit trap, and to keep the douche bagette's toe's looking their best, since the bagette's official footwear is flip flops all year, rain or shine.

It's noted that the two happiest days of living in Douche Vegas for anyone other than a douche are the first and last.
If you aren't a well-to-do, rude, obnoxious, arrogant douche bag/bagette...or at least a blinged-out poser wannabe on dubs, take my word for it.....you don't want to live in Douche Vegas
by Worldhead November 30, 2009
When two or more drivers can't physically argue with one another, the exchange is verbalized with their car's horns.
Example 1.
Driver A hesitates for a moment after the traffic light changes green, prompting Driver B to honk his horn. Driver A is offended because just as he was starting to move, that jerk behind him blew his horn, or as in some cases, Driver A simply doesn't like being honked at, so Driver A honks back. Driver B is offended because Driver A didn't have a right to honk back, so Driver B honks with sarcasm. Now, Driver A is really upset because usually by this time both cars are moving, and if possible, Driver B has pulled alongside Driver A to curse, flip the bird, etc., at that time becoming a roadrage, because in a genuine hornfight, no words or gestures are exchanged.

Again, Driver A hesitates after the light has changed green. Driver D initiates the sequence with a long hard sarcastic honk, because Drivers B&C are obviously not paying attention either. After making Drivers B&C aware, they decide to lean on their horns, adding to the noise, infuriating Driver A, who honks his horn like a frothing madman because the anxious idiots behind him don't hear the siren on the emergency vehicle that he can see coming, to make the wise choice of letting it approach instead of bolting out in front of it, possibly causing an accident.
by Worldhead October 22, 2009

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