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The act of mumbling complaints at an inaudible volume so as not to be heard by the subject of the complaint.
"What did she say when you told her you weren't going?"
"I don't know. I couldn't quite hear her, but I know she wasn't happy."
"How could you tell?"
"She was clearly complumbling."
by Wordslinger August 05, 2013
When someone is too quick with their mouse clicks on their computer. This often causes delays, crashing, and inadvertently closing and opening windows.
She was trying to show me a youtube video, but got too clicky and crashed her computer.
by Wordslinger March 09, 2015
Thought to have originated from the word "dodo". 1) someone who made or makes obvious mistakes and acts or is oblivious to them. 2) A man who approaches a woman and fails to not only realize that she is not interested, but that she also wants him to go away and leave her alone. 3) Unknowingly pesty or warty 4) someone that causes others to lose in competition, but doesn't realize they were the cause of the loss 5) dorky and uncoordinated
1) He made copies last night for everyone, but the dode copied the wrong sides 2) The girl moved to another table to get further away, but the dode followed her thinking that she was getting a bigger table. 3)I wish that dode would just quit bothering us 4) That dode thinks he's Joe DiMagio, but we lost the game last night because he can't hit, can't throw, and can't catch. 5) that dode dances like Elaine on Seinfeld.
by WordSlinger February 25, 2005

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