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2 definitions by Wordkiller070

A word which meaning changes everyday and can never be exactly the same twice.
Jim: Blebble
John: You are throwing olives at ninja cows?
Jim: Indeed
by Wordkiller070 December 13, 2010
A Mcdonalds sandwich created the same way as the original Mcgangbang (placing a Mcchicken in between the patties of a Mcdouble) with the added awesome of Bigmac sauce on the Mcdouble.
Guy 1: Hey man, wanna go to Mcdonalds?
Guy 2: Sure! What should we get?
Guy 1: Mcgangbangs of course!
Guy 2: Sure but I think I want a Mcgangbang deluxe instead.
Guy 1: Sounds good to me!
by Wordkiller070 December 18, 2010