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A real dumb ass, someone who doesn't get it, as if they've lost their mind.
You know not what you speak of, memory wipe.
by WordMan1965 March 10, 2014
Losing your hard-on during sex.
While we were making out on the couch, I had a good solid hard-on. But by the time we made it to her bedroom, I dropped wood. I couldn't get my boner back to save my life. My girlfriend said if I didn't quit dropping wood, we were finished.
by WordMan1965 April 16, 2014
An errant golf shot that fails to go airborne but skips very fast along the ground, never going higher than a foot or two. So fast, in fact, that the golf ball is figuratively fucking a bug. Called a Texas Bug Fucker by Texas golfers, and really by golfers everywhere.
Charlie topped the golf ball off the tea and it skittered so fast that it burned a path down the fairway. It was a real Texas Bug Fucker.
by WordMan1965 March 22, 2014
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