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A term used by Joe Sixpacks and dittoheads to describe someone (usually a man) who has bettered himself through education, and will therefore be far more successful in life than the person using the term.

(Possible origin: U.S. military slang used by NCOs. Popularized in the 1987 movie "The Secret of My Success" and more recently on talk radio).
Just like a college puke to tell me Rush Limbaugh don't gots no facts! I bet you voted fer Obama too, socialist!

Saw Steve the other day. Since he went off to State, he's just a college puke who thinks he's too good to Beer Run with his good old boys!
by WordJones June 21, 2009
A female host or feature reporter appearing on Fox News. These are usually blonde and anorexically thin, with surgically enhanced lips and boobage, and wearing very short skirts in order to give Fox News fanboys the vain hope that they will actually see a vag at some point in their pitiful little dittohead lives.
Dittohead 1: Gawsh dern, Bubba! That thar Ann Coulter shore is hot!

Dittohead 2: Y'all done said it, Travis. That's one Foxtart whut I'd do even iffen she IS really a man!
by WordJones October 14, 2009
An act of self-induced ejaculation, as performed by the drooling, mindless admirers of Quitter Queen Sarah Palin, most of whom also belong to the Tea Party. Caribou Barbie's lovesick sycophants do this either alone, or in a circle jerk while watching the object of their twisted desire on Fox News.
Well shute, I hope he's got him some teabags to wipe it up! That there mooseturbation can be right messy!
by WordJones May 29, 2010
Pizza slide is when you bite into a slice of pizza and the cheese and toppings slide toward your mouth in a hot gooey avalanche, forcing you to keep chewing until all you have left is crust.
"Dude, you are having a major pizza slide! Just keep nom-nommin' or you're going to have it all over you!"
by WordJones January 11, 2013

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