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To do pretty much nothing while at work. To be lazy and/or accomplish nothing throughout the work day.
Bob is worthless as hell. He is always gin whacking around.
by Word chaser August 23, 2009
A underground mine shaft with a very low ceiling and usually wet, damp and dangerous. Oftentimes filled with high levels of methane gas.
I quit my job at the coal mines because they told me I had to work in that stinking Charlie shaft and I ain't risking my life for a few lousy bucks.
by Word Chaser September 10, 2009
He was standing there with his coberosity in his hand getting ready for action.
by Word chaser September 07, 2009
Performing any sort of strenuous farm work.
Adam's been out in the field all day kimberling with the livestock and fence rows.
by Word Chaser September 10, 2009

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