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4 definitions by Word chaser

To do pretty much nothing while at work. To be lazy and/or accomplish nothing throughout the work day.
Bob is worthless as hell. He is always gin whacking around.
by Word chaser August 23, 2009
1 1
A underground mine shaft with a very low ceiling and usually wet, damp and dangerous. Oftentimes filled with high levels of methane gas.
I quit my job at the coal mines because they told me I had to work in that stinking Charlie shaft and I ain't risking my life for a few lousy bucks.
by Word Chaser September 10, 2009
0 2
He was standing there with his coberosity in his hand getting ready for action.
by Word chaser September 07, 2009
1 3
Performing any sort of strenuous farm work.
Adam's been out in the field all day kimberling with the livestock and fence rows.
by Word Chaser September 10, 2009
1 5