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4 definitions by Word Johnson

Friendnesia is when you don't remember or recognize the person who has sent you a friend request on Facebook.
Jack: "Hey Jill, do you know who Little Boy Blue is?"

Jill: "No, Jack. I don't think I've ever heard of him. Why?"

Jack: "Well, he just sent me a friend request and I don't remember him or recognize him from his picture."

Jill: "Ah, a case of friendnesia, eh? I get that sometimes too."
by Word Johnson November 10, 2011
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A person who causes pain and suffering to their partner by being ignorant of the effects of their horrible snoring that causes their partner to be unable to sleep at night.
Maria: Oh, damn, I'm tired.

Eric: Why's that babe?
Maria: Because you're a loud-ass igsnoramus! Your snoring kept me up all damn night you jerk!
by Word Johnson June 28, 2012
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(fu-tass-ta-size); the spreading or growing of fat cells in the body caused by the onset of too much food being eaten; the growing of fat cells in the body after eating too much; the process of food becoming fat cells in your body;
Now that I ate the whole pie, I need to lay down and let it fatastasize in me" or "I ate so much that all I can do now is lay here and fatastasize.
by Word Johnson June 27, 2011
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Roman terminology for a real jerk
That Joe, he's a pig and an asshole and complete jerk. He's a total vagivus maximus.
by Word Johnson September 20, 2012
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