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Extreme lover of Pokémon.. he loves it so much that he knows all the words to the theme tune.
<wush> stfu dragfag
<Myuustuu> :(
by Woosh June 01, 2004
A boy who pretends to be a girl on the internet to take advantage of other girls. When they get found out they get kicked out of our online social circles.
HOTCHIK69: omg I'm so annoyed at my brother going through my bras
Wush: Omg, Halo! You share the exact same IP as HOTCHIK69 You explosive Penal Rubber.
Everyone: lol @ the dragfag
by Woosh June 01, 2004
The only place I've seen on the internet where a large number of people made a comment on a picture of a muffin...
Myuutsuu> omg did u c all those fags comment on a muffin on Sonic CuLT?
Woosh> Yeah dude.. my penis is huge.
Myuutsuu> I wasn't talking about your penis :(
by Woosh June 01, 2004
When a male puts on a thong and places a testicle out of both sides.
"I put on my girlfriends thong last night, and I had proper bollock wings last night. I'm telling ya, boyeeee!"
by woosh April 24, 2006
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