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Flat hand out, pointer finger bent inward and the thumb is moving (like the stinger of a scorpian). Three in the stink, one in the pink. Stretchin the stink, Stingin the stink.
Hey Bitch, wanna get stung by the scorpian?
by Woogie April 08, 2006
The bane of the Nashville rock scene, seeing as they've now sold out and given control of their nuts to MTV. Best known for their habit of dressing in only pink and black for shows, which will now easily appeal to every 13-year old fat punk-rock poser girl across the nation. Matt Friction has now stolen their hearts. Many in Nashville might still consider going to a show, but then they are quickly reminded by their friends how many pre-pubescents will be there, and they realize that the Pink fucking Spiders now suck.
loser: "hey, wanna go to the pink spiders show tonight? it might be fun..."
guy: "yea, if you consider hearing teenage girls claim they want to fuck a guy that dyes his hair more than they do..."
by woogie May 27, 2006
dirt chewing tobacoo, that dirt dogs love. if you like this shit you are discusting.
Ewww look at coluc packing a tear of red man. Lets go buttercup him.
by woogie May 27, 2003

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