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Robby Box : Noun.

From the British series Big Deal.
Robby was a compulsive gambler so if a person is being a Robby Box or doing a Robby Box he or she are taking a huge gamble.
I'll have 2000 to win at 100/1/

Bloody hell ! Your a right old Robby Box!

I bet you 100 that they won't win.

' Who do you think you are! Robby Box!
by wolvesmon April 25, 2011
Adiot = noun.
Br. Eng slang
An American idiot or somebody who uses uncool old fashioned American words such as 'suck' or 'dude.'
" Hey man that movie sucks"

' Stop talking like an Adiot"
by Wolvesmon April 25, 2011

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