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Short for "fatspiration" or "fat" + "inspiration", as opposed to thinspo or the related fitspo. Often consists of pictures of fattening foods or overweight / obese people, along with inspirational quotes promoting fat positive / body positive attitudes. Oppositely employed by those who strive to lose weight (often in the anorexia / bulimia communities ana/mia) as examples of what they don't want to look like. Primarily used by women describing images of themselves or other women, whether admiringly or disparagingly.
I'm sick of all the pro ana websites out there, so I'm posting some fabulous fatspo!
by Wolpertinger December 25, 2011
A person baptized as a Catholic as a baby or young child and raised in a religious family, usually attending religious schools throughout childhood. Often (but not necessarily) said with the implication that the person is Catholic in Name Only (CINO), remaining with the religion only because they were raised with it.
I'm a cradle Catholic, so it would trouble my parents if they found out that I'm actually an atheist.
by Wolpertinger November 09, 2010

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