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2 definitions by Wolfwitz

When someone does something awesome, but continues to milk it for more than it is worth. When your friend gets an amazing kill in a Modern Warfare and continues to brag about it.
Guy 1: Dude did you see that I got a head-shot on that guy from across the map.

Guy 2: Yeah that was awesome!

Five minutes later...

Guy 1: Did you see that awesome kill earlier from across the...

Guy 2: Don't be a skadouchbag
by Wolfwitz January 30, 2010
To unwanted contact near a general genital area. Annoyingly rubbing or touching the leg close to the groin; or the shoulders and/or stomach near the breasts.
Girl one: Did you see Jim at the party last night? He was all over Cathy!

Girl two: Yeah, and he kept trying to perturbate her; you could tell she didn't like it.
by Wolfwitz February 11, 2010