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When transiting from point A to point B, one becomes overwhelmed with the need to urinate, and does so wherever one happens to be
"I was driving in to work this morning and ended up Pulling A Mahony half way there"
by Wolfpack Tuck September 23, 2011
A friend who comes upon an incident that has been defused and proceeds to re-active the incident, more than likely inviting an un-needed physical altercation
I had the situation under control with those guys, The Escalation showed up and picked a fight anyway
by Wolfpack Tuck September 26, 2011
When in a combat situation, an individual witnesses the demise of an enemy combatant and immediately bursts into inappropriate laughter
"When I blasted that guy with my SAW I looked over and saw the Sarge laughing...that dude is laughing at death!!"
by Wolfpack Tuck September 27, 2011

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