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also see root of all evil
The cause of most wars in human history. It tries to explain things that we once did not know with now defunct, retarded answers. Most religious people would blindly follow an old book, leader, document, etc... rather than even consider more modern, logical answers. In times now past, it tried to give people hope and understanding, but now it just causes false hope, wars, political unrest and the eventual destruction of human society.
Halo also showes us how religion will threaten to destroy all humans.
by Woc Cixelsid February 22, 2004
One of greatest games ever made. It has a great, although sadly, short campaign mode. However, the best way to play it is to get some friends and kick the shit out of each other, especially over lan.
The inevitable sequel, Halo 2, just got delayed again into fall of '04. Damn it all.
by Woc Cixelsid February 22, 2004
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