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A place located in C-Bus or Worthington Ohio. Known on a National level for pwning noobs in RL (real life). The Wo Tweeze has very limited and specific criteria for joining. One must be colder than an ice cube and be a fan of teams such as The Ohio State University to be considered part of the Wo Tweeze. Activities such as drinking, smoking, fighting, raging, pwning especially grandview kids, sitting on the porch, steezing, listening to lil wayne, hooking up with girls, going to the billingsley resort, and raking in money like it was something to do all occur in the Wo Tweeze on a daily basis.
-Damn look how cool and confident those guys look they must be from the Wo Tweeze.

-Wo Tweeze will work your whole crew.

-Grandview kid: U Guys Suck

Wo Tweeze Member: Bitch. Dont make us show you what the Wo Tweeze is all about

-Whilst Drinking: What should we toast to? I know the Wo Tweeze.
by WoTweezePwnsNoobs December 06, 2009

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