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The Buckeye State. One of the best states to live in, and all around best in the Union. We have 3 major cities: our Capital; Columbus (aka C-Bus, Bus Town), Cincinnati (aka the dirty/nasty Nati) and Cleveland (the Mistake by the Lake). Home to smaller cities such as; Dayton, Toledo and Akron. 1 NBA team, 1 NHL team, 1 MLS team, 2 NFL teams, 2 MLB teams. We are also home to THE Ohio State University Buckeyes, one of the largest/best universities in the country. Also home to Ohio University, which is filled with raging alcoholics that refer to themselves as "students". Most of us in Ohio, (especially us in Columbus) were born and raised with the Bucks. We bleed Scarlett & Grey. We say things like "you guys" and a drive-thru liquor store is not strange to us. It's the beach, not the shore, and pop, not soda. We are the Eastern most state in the MidWest, and have some of the friendliest people around. Ohio girls are some of the coolest/nicest you will ever meet. We are a big football state, but Lacrosse is another sport everyone plays. We play a little game called Cornhole anywhere we can. We love our corn & we love our beer. We are Ohio. The Heart of it All, and you'd be nothing without us.
Ohio Likes: Scarlett and Grey, tailgating, Cornhole, football, Lacorsse, the Buckeyes, Cedar Point, Chipotle, CommFest...
Ohio DisLikes: that team from Up North (3rd Saturday of every November...) People who do not respond immediately with "I-O" when one screams: "O-H", Buzz Kills (which pretty much includes every citizen of Michigan)
by WoTweeez August 02, 2006

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