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Someone who travels to many different places and can flourish anywhere. Usually a person without a permanent home who goes from place to place.
Traci is such a free spirit, a wildflower that travels the world.
by WizeCheez August 28, 2009
In poker, having pocket 4's is known as having the Obama.

Barack Obama is the 44th President.
Awesome! My Obama hand beat your AK..haha!!
by WizeCheez September 30, 2009
A person who is a complete moron. Someone who has no common sense. The dumbest of the dumb
George is married to a beautiful woman and recently he slept with a very ugly hooker. He is definitely an ultimate pendejo!
by WizeCheez September 12, 2009
Short term used for relax.
I'm just kicking back, having a lax day.
by WizeCheez August 28, 2009

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