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The act of someone entering your personal space while you are seated and resting their package on your arm or shoulder. This is generally a habitual act by the offender and causes discomfort for the victim. This act may be done inadvertently or to show affection.
Man, my boss cock arms me every time he comes in my office. One of these days I am going to fake a cough and elbow him in the dick.
by withheld to protect the innocent September 27, 2005
1.The act of knocking your boss in the balls for looking over your shoulder all the time.
2. To knock your superior in the cock for cock arming you.
If my manager doesn't stop cock arming me I am going to boss bag him again.
by Withheld to protect the innocent October 04, 2005
Refers to a person's arm or shoulder when they are being cock armed.
My manager made me his dick rest when he cock armed me so I boss baged him for a third time.
by Withheld to protect the innocent October 04, 2005

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