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To live according to the words of Prophet and Beatle Paul McCartney. Quickest way to get medicated. (other options, Ringoism, Lennonism)
Woke up, got out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head. Side by side on my Piano, Oh lord. You know you was a suffragete, Jet Boooooooooo....The movement I need is on my shoulder, Jude. Wearing the face that I keeps in a jar by the door, no of course it isn't my face. How would I do that? Live and let die!-Cohesive Word Salad of McCarthyism
#ringoism #lennonist #zenaphobia #plaxican #osicanyousee
by Wisk February 05, 2008
A surprisingly public pedophile on the Mr. Rogers show. Fred Rogers employed Mr. Mcfeeley on a work-furlough program, and openly discussed Mcfeeley's irrisistable urges on the show. McFeeley explained that he was heavily medicated, and the children on the show had nothing to fear as long as the cameras continued to roll. He is listed in the National Registry for sex Offenders for several Mctouches and more than a few Mcfeels.
Mr Mcfeeley didn't so much enjoy delivering the mail as he did lurking around the studio when children visited the set. The Mustache was a rather weak disguise.
#fred rogers #rogers and hammerstein #ronald mcfeeleydonald #hamburgler #what the hell kind of name is wendy's anyway
by Wisk January 29, 2008
1) To be plucked against one's ear or neck by a fetching young lass.
2) To pluck at a ripe young lady with your fingers, a single time.
3) The minimal movement possible to knock a newly hatched chicken off a milk carton, or any other elevated station.
4) To film any or all of these things, possibly hiring Rene Zellwegger to star in it in some capacity in order to provide a hint of sweet and sour (hence the lemon sucking face and baby voice).
5) It could involve this finger movement on the clitoris, if you thank that might work for you.
We had it in our budget to only hire one star for this film, and we could only get Anne Hathaway. Zellwegger was not interested in another "Chick Flick unless we CGI'd the chicken stunts. We were unwilling to compromise our standards.
#hathaway #zellwegger #chick #flick #pinch #teeth #gum
by Wisk February 17, 2009
1) A delivery of Sexual Toys.
Nancy cancelled her plans for the evening, as she would be staying in tonight and watching CNN. Her latest stimulus package had arrived.
#gop gadfly #tax cuts #pork #dildo #political whitenoise
by Wisk February 16, 2009
A person who will only be remembered because his name is often misspelled.
I really love the music of Elliot Smith, but the lead singer sucks. I think his name's Eliot Smyth. They should replace him on the next album.
#phone home #touching #not me but touching something #johnny walker red #miss misery #the shining
by wisk March 13, 2008
abbreviation for personality vomit, when a person spews intimate details about themselves to a complete stranger or a mere acquaintance.
The entire office and the Fedex guy was aware of when the receptionist was menstruating. He indadvertantly delivered a package at the hour of onset, and he was immediately covered in PV.
#personality vomit #tmi #heavens to murgatroid #gosh golly gee #freebird #menstruating
by wisk April 24, 2008
1) Holistic supplement known to cause wild mood swings.
2) To release the breasts from their bindings in order to tan them.
3) Dingleberry specific to people named Halle. Unusually low in fiber. (see Halle's comet)
4) A corporation formerly run by Vice President and marksman Dick Cheney.
1) I don't know what came over me. I had some halleberry tea, and before I knew it, I was on a Steamer bound for Cleveland.
2) First lady Barbara Bush was fond of a daily halle berry in the rose garden. She claimed it did her a spell o' good.
3) Billy Bob wasn't one to complain, but he struggled with the Halle Berries mashed against his loins, due to their unusual consistency and aroma.
4) Halle Berry was awarded a no-bid contract, probably due to some relationship to the former first lady.
#halles comet #marksman #dead spot #wrinkled nippies #spencer for hire at a no bid price
by wisk March 13, 2008
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