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This is less a definition and more an example of the historical use of the word "unfuck" from my personal experience. True story. The example should be self explanatory but some background is in order. I was probably one of the youngest sergeants in the USMC with almost two years in grade on the 4th of July 1970. I was about halfway through my second tour in Vietnam. We just returned from an 8-day patrol and had some time off. About ten of us headed down to the beach where we celebrated the 4th by drinking, smoking, shooting off some 300 or so pop flares, a few thousand rounds of M-60 tracer rounds, I made some firecrackers from C4 and det chord. Still had one of those left when I noticed our fire out and wood supply depleted. Being the resourceful ranking Marine I used my leadership skills to point out the adjacent USO and its ample wood supply. There must have been forty to fifty picnic tables. Huge ones that were made out of some damn fine lumber and they made a damn fine bonfire. We did them all over the next few hours, four to five added as needed to spark things up. I felt like a real patriot.
Hungover, and as ranking member of the pinic table assualt team, I was called on the carpet next morning where my CO and First Shirt were giving me some 'feedback' on my leadership skills. When I laughed at them accusing me of signalling the enemy, for some reason they got really mad. First Shirt bumps up next to me and with his lips next to my ear he yells, "You best unfuck your attitude. You can fly with the nightowl if you want but you best be ready to scream with the Eagle in the morning."

True story and just one of many contexts in which the versatile "unfuck" adds value to your formal command of the English language.
by WinningAttitude March 16, 2007
This was a common Marine Corps Drill Instructor phrase that could be used in a sarcaatic context and but also has meaning within the context of a bonafide compliment.

In sarcastic context it is used to immediately reinforce the message that someone had just screwed up so royally that
it would permanently alter people's perceptions about that someone from that moment onward.

In the positive context it means that your applaud and commend the actions of another with the goal of motivating them to high levels of performance.
Sarcastic usage: Young man has to go to her father and explain that she is pregnant and you are the father. His first words: "Out-fucking-standing! Want to go hunting with Dick Cheney?" In this context the delivery is slow with deliberate accent heavily on the "out," the "fuck," and the "stand." There is also a slight pause between each syllable.

In the positive context no heavy accenting nor does one pause between syllables but the comment is meant in a way that encourages and motivates to new levels of performance.
Context: Your girlfriend shows up in a coat, opens it to display nothing underneath, and stares you in the eye with desire. Your reply is a happy: "Out-fucking-standing@"

by WinningAttitude March 17, 2007
A term meaning worse off, more uniquely screwed up, when something is of a higher state of disorder than, when much to your displeasure something is totally beyond your control, or simply when something "more fucked than" a stated alternative.
I left my first wife for her best friend after she and I went unescorted on a cross country trip. You know whats fuckter? They are both still good friends.

While doing research in the holding tank back in my drinking days, I met a guy who was sitting at an intersection legally stopped and was hit broadside by an out of control police car involved in a high speed chase. Because he had two empty and 4 full beers in the car, he got arrested. Nothing is more fuckter than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Situation very chaotic in the ER last night as Paris Hilton was in a car accident and brought in for observation. If she had a concussion, how would you know? Nothing could be fuckter than trying to diagnose her for concussion.
by WinningAttitude March 20, 2007
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