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1 definition by WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

The sexiest group of people known. All the female officers are unbelievably slutty, straight Jersey Turnpike. The word cum will be used in every email at least 3 times. If you see a finger dick at a party just give a good yank and move on. A place where Flip Cup is an Olympic sport. A group of people that aren’t afraid to start raw doggin’ some randoms. But most of all, it’s a GUARANTEED GOOD TIME!!!
"I got so fucking trashed last night, I wound up naked next to four hot bitches this morning. You gotta love a Spartan Ski Club party."
"I had a typical weekend with the rest of Spartan Ski Club. I don’t remember much, all I remember is that I was playing flip cup and then BOOM, I was snowboarding naked on the bunny hill."
by WinnerWinnerChickenDinner November 27, 2012