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1 definition by Windows98

Every developer and power user knows Windows is perfect for them.But Mac prayers throughs if he get a PC,viruses will infect.KNOCK KNOCK MAC USER! Market share is puny %89! There is no software for MACS.
Windows has a wide range of software,SDKs and games. Also viruses. WHY? Nobody wants to waste his time to coding a virus for MACS.

Also every MAC user says "Windows crashes every day...DING! FALSE! If you look after your PC,it will not crash. If you clean your hard drive,defrag your extra disks,install necessary driver modules and create a emergency boot disk to be in security. No need to crash. BUT old PC users that switched to MAC 'cause of crash,may never did these things to prevent crashing.

I am developer at a OS and I select Windows 7 to use with my Visual Studio 2010.We used NTFS and Network Neighborhood at our OS,which is used by Windows NT.
MAC USER:Windows sucks!
-OK,say something you can at MAC.
-Errm....playing with dock..?
-OH,I can make a OS at Windows.
-But MACS never infects.
-Because nobody cares about your %11 percent,dude.
by Windows98 April 10, 2012