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Once a peaceful, decent resort getaway for out-of-towners back in the day, Silver Lake is far from what it used to be. Situated near the Tewksbury line in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Silver Lake is a shitty excuse for a town beach. A cesspool of mutated fish, trash, and chemicals swirl the dirty water. The beach is open to the public during the summer months, which is really a play on words as it is constantly being closed because of high levels of unknown chemicals/toxins in the "water". Running alongside the lake is Grove Avenue, a street well known to many people for being ghetto and drug-ridden. Many homes in the vicinity are run down, and it is said some even have dirt floors. Kids residing in the Silver Lake area are famous for the degradation of Wilmington's schools. All businesses around Silver Lake have struggled and failed to remain open, the Thai Express Restaurant, toy store, and nail salon to name a few. Some would say this is the armpit of Wilmington. Once someone heard you say you are going swimming at Silver Lake, get ready to see a look of complete horror on their face. Even if it's 100 degrees out and you need a little refreshment, stepping on a Hepatitis-infected needle protruding from the sand is not worth it.
Ann: "Yo, come on in and blaze up in mah house, bitch!"
Neighbor: "Oh shit son, is dis the olden days, where da fuck did your floor go?"
Ann: "Don't hate, I just swept."
340 pound 15-year-old daughter: "Hey ma, I'm goin swimming in Silver Lake, did you finish sewing my ripped Kmart bikini? And where my swimmies at bitch? Oh yeah hear sumthin? Is dat the ice cream truck?"
by Wilmington4lyfe November 30, 2008
A greasy fast food joint in the town of Wilmington, Massachusetts. The restaurant is one-of-a-kind as it is the only one in the area (maybe even the whole country). It is a favorite among many people residing in nearby towns of Middlesex County, too. The dumpy, steamy windowed, blue-roofed restaurant is an icon of Wilmington, and all residents of the town should be able to define the grease shack when asked "What is Simard's?" Open until 3 a.m. on Friday & Saturday nights, one driving by on one of those nights after midnight can see the drive-thru choked with cars, sometimes even making a horseshoe to the street entrance. 90% of the patrons on Friday & Saturday nights include drunks and stoners with the munchies ordering the menu's most popular, artery-hardening items, such as seasoned fries with cheese, the Nacho Supreme, and roast beef. If the Wilmington Police Department really wanted to catch drivers under the influence, they would simply have to set up a checkpoint 3 feet from the drive-thru window. Many of the customers like to enjoy their purchases across the street in the ghetto Wilmington Plaza parking lot. The eatery probably makes a yearly profit of $50,000,000. This hidden gem is unique to the town, and I encourage you to try it if you haven't. It's definitely worth the embarrassing wait in the drive-thru, as you hope no one you know sees your vehicle as they drive by. The employees at Simard's will kindly wait to take your order as you finish puking into a bag and slurring what you want into the speaker. I'm telling you, if Simard's ever closed its doors, a large population of people in the area would fall into a deep depression. Don't be fooled, the restaurant has a delicious menu; but you should realize that if you eat here often, it will contribute to your early death.
Rick: "Hey, I just remembered it's Friday night and Simard's is open for another hour, wanna go?"
Ashlee: "Do you really think that's a good idea? <takes a bong hit> The drive-thru probably looks like a buy something, get a free bag of chips day at Wal Mart in Kentucky."
by Wilmington4lyfe November 30, 2008

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