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A group of boys around school freeing the fields of injustice and crime. They achieve this by literally beating the shit out of innocent people, terrorising the school population into obedience. They often attack using the "Gangfuck" method, in which they circle the lone victim, wrestle him to the floor, and kick the shit out of.

Often suspended from school for 'GBH' and assault. A Justice League has no clear leader, just a lust for violence and fear.
Billbo-"Holy shit did you see that guy left on floor covered in blood?"
David-"Oh shit the Justice League are back in school"
by WillyWonkle May 14, 2011
To Bass
When a group of boys/men gang up on an unsuspecting target, totally outnumbering him/her atleast 20/1. Most commonly against someone who will not put up much of a fight. The target is then consequently beaten to shit, left with a fractured nose.

Most commonly associated with the group known as the Justice League.

Originated from KHS
Dave - "Holy shit dude, that guy totally stole your sandwich"
Bill - "Let's get the Justice League together and Bass him"
by WillyWonkle May 14, 2011

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