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A person with a female character on the online game World of Warcraft, who strips the character and dances so people will give them money.
Herlyangels such a Auction House Skank she won't stop dancing until some one gives her 1G!
by WillyBgood October 24, 2007
1 : (noun) Liquid expelled from vagina, leaving the vagina "fresh".
2 : (verb) Worse than being a douche, the end product of douchebaggery.
3 : (noun) Common form of greeting between good friends
"That is some rank douche discharge Kelly!"

Brad: "Sean backed out again. The douche discharge didn't answer his phone."
Brett: "I know! That fuckin douche discharge owes me money."

"How have you been you dirty douche discharge?"
by willybgood April 04, 2014
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