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Black-ops organization founded in Boston, Massachusetts. The group’s founders act as a triumvirate, controlling the activities of the group which—contrary to popular belief—is no longer officially affiliated with the General Affairs Department of the Shin-Ra Electric Company. Due to the group’s overall tendency towards secretiveness, little is known about their activities. What is known is that its three leaders base their operations out of 6 Arlington Street in Boston’s prestigious Beacon Hill neighborhood. The Turks are allegedly connected to a string of violent crimes in the area, including the hostile takeover of the area commonly referred to as the “Common Room”. Though some sources claim that its triumvirate is comprised of three badass, beautiful young femme fatales, this is dubious given the severity and coldhearted nature of their activities. That story is likely a falsehood constructed by amateur admirers of the group, who abound in the Back Bay area. Also rumored to be collectively fond of (and good at) video games, and that their name is an allusion to the popular game Final Fantasy VII.
"I saw a girl leaving 6 Arlington Street, muttering something about 'muffin' and dusting white powder from her nostrils. She was carrying a sword, too. Oh man…do you think she was one of The Turks!?"
by Willy the Snitch February 07, 2006

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