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The hole in the side of a wooden keg used to fill said keg with beer. The Bung Hole is then stopped shut with a bung and hammered in place with a bung hammer.

Despite its often misrepresented confusion with the Anus, bung hole is a perfectly useable word at state dinners with the governor...If you of course are in the study of fine spirits.
The beer poured out of the bung hole so fast, I had no choice but to swallow as fast as I could....(This could easily be taken the wrong way with the wrong definition)
by Willmerson August 30, 2005
ONe of Howard Stern's characters made up to represent a terrorist who's name is very hard to pronounce. Must be said in a middle eastern tone.
And a newly added name to the FBI's most wanted list is Terrorist, Ballsac Teabagger, wanted for his connection with the world trade center bombings.
by Willmerson August 30, 2005
adj. Something that is totally awesome
Dude this Burrito is totally grumps yo!

That shit is Grumps!
by Willmerson September 07, 2007
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