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with an intensity of emotion. Appalachian, Western NC, Kentucky.
"I hate that varmint with a purple passion!"
by WillieC February 16, 2008
Honoré de Balzac was a 19th century French novelist and playright. "Balsac" is a "clever" and "humorous" play on his name, with reference to slang words for the male testes and scrotum, which has been observed by this entrant written on men's restroom walls in Dayton, Ohio on several occasions. An example of a certain Southwestern Ohio mindset.
"Balsac" "Marla the waitress will ..."
by WillieC February 16, 2008
"us," similar to "you uns" (you folks, yaw'll) Appalachian
"you uns gonna visit us uns on Sunday?"
by WillieC February 16, 2008

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