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A woman of dubious attractiveness who one of your friends nonetheless decides to copulate with. Named after the Star Wars quote when Princess Leia first lays eyes on Han Solo's ship and says "You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought."
Barney was at it again last night, right Millenium Falcon he brought home with him.
by Will-M February 10, 2009
A combination of "Slow" and "Nobody", referring to any person who demonstrates their worthlessness by walking or driving too slowly and getting in your way when you're in a hurry.
I'm sorry I was late with your present, the shop was only open for another ten minutes and the place was packed with one slowbody after another.
by Will-M February 10, 2009
A guy who's cool, but only when he gets high (on drugs).
You reckon that guy Bob's pretty cool? He's not, he's just an altidude.
by Will-M January 22, 2011

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