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pou-los (pu-lose)
n. 1. One who has been struck by a motor vehicle; the victim of a car crash.
2. One who is certifiably retarded; a mentally disabled person
3. One who engages in acts of a pedophilic nature; a pedophile
1."The poulos is going to need knee surgery."

2."My cousin was diagnosed as a poulos a few years after he was born."

3."The poulos was locked up after the FBI confiscated his computer."
by Will of After School Squad December 23, 2005
mar-di-ge-rous (mardijeres)
adj. 1. To be random or nonsensical by virtue of being cracked out of one's face;not making any sense;ridiculous.
2. Containing reference to, or under the influence of drugs.

Roots: French, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday

Coined by: Marty
Defined By: After School Squad
"Those clothes are mardigerous."

"You're being mardigerous right now."

"Oh, man. I am so mardigerous right now. I've got no idea what's goin' on."
by Will of After School Squad December 22, 2005
Re-his (Re-his)
n. 1. The creation of homophobia that comes about when Penis is written on something, such as a backpack, and the owner's father thinks having Penis written on their bag is discusting, not funny, and tells them to fix it...the owner of the bag adds two lines and thus has created the word
"Penis? Wait...what? What the hell's a Rehis?"
by Will of After School Squad December 23, 2005
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