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Any form of injury gained from moshing, especially the serious ones when you can't move your head or a limb for a few days.
Dude! went into the pit 4 nights ago and i'm still down with moshitis.
by Will [Neffers] June 20, 2007
The branch of physics (specifically Astrophysics) that deals with major events that could cause devastation on a vast scale (usually known as catastrophes) and how to make sure they don't happen or at the very least try and find a way to reduce the impact of any given catastrophe.
News in Catastrophysics: A large Earth-killing asteroid is likely to hit us within the next century and there's nothing we can do about it!
by Will [Neffers] March 21, 2013
The 6th monthiversary. Coined from semester and anniversary. Sometimes counting each monthiversary get too much but your anniversary is still a while away, so you count every 6 months.
A: "Happy 90th monthiversary!"

B: "Happy 15th semestriversary!"

*lots of smooching out*

C: "Isn't it time you guys quit it and just counted years? and got a room...seriously."
by Will [Neffers] December 01, 2011

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