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The third game in the Elder Scrolls series. It starts off that you are a prisoner being released to a country called Morrowind. You can be a: imperial (stuck-up white dude), breton (mellow guy with a tan), redguard (tough black guy), nord (giant viking), orc (big green guy), khajit (catperson with kangaroo feet), argonian (creepy lizardperson), wood elf (hippie with pointy ears), high elf (asian with pointy ears), or a dark elf (grey racist with pointy ears). It has a wide variety of cultures and places, as well as unusual animals. The only real-world animals seem to be rats, as the wilderness is populated by creatures that range from foot-long maggots to two-legged triceratops to large birds with fins. The geography of Morrowind is mostly made up of swamps, forests and dusty wastelands. There are, of course, cities and towns populated by civilized people. You can buy flowers, booze, weapons, armors, spells, potions, food, and clothing, as well as talk to people. As is customary in the medieval fantasy genre, the tombs and crypts are filled with undead. "People" enemies include bandits, slave-drivers, and psychopaths. Magical creatures are less common, but can be found if one seeks the most forbidding places. On average, Morrowind has the same laws as the real world. It may seem to new players like a whole new world, but as with all things, the key is moderation.
Someone introducing their friend to Morrowind;

Noob:Why are the dark elves so rude?

Experienced Player:You're from another country. Why else would the guard ask you where you're from when you arrived at the dock?

Noob:Stupid dark elves.

Experienced Player:*sigh*
by Wilddwarf June 17, 2009
A Batman fan who always has Batman on the brain.
Ever since Tim saw his first Batman movie, he's been a total batbrain.
Mr.Person A:Yesterday I saw some nerd running around in a Batman suit.
Mr.Person B:What a batbrain.
by Wilddwarf June 27, 2009
A person who is attracted to girls who are more than four years younger than themselves. The attraction may be affectionate, passionate, lustful, etc., depending on the individual. Every kiristophile is unique, just like all people. Kiristophilia does not result from immaturity or mental instability. It is merely a magnification of a male's natural desire for younger females. The word comes from the greek roots kiristi, meaning girl, and philos, meaning love.

girllover, paedophile, paedosexual
12-year-old girl:You're handsome.

18-year-old guy:You're cute. You want to hang out at my apartment?

Mr.Bob:Your daughter is really cute. Is she available?

Mr.Steve:What's wrong with you?! My daughter's nine! Pedophile dirtbag!

Eavesdropper:You'd better stay away from my son!

Mr.Bob:I'm a kiristophile, I only like the girls.
by Wilddwarf April 17, 2009

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