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Long distance sex, usualy done by two people of the opposite sex. Done by picturing the other person at the other end, and masturbating at the same time.
1. "Hi Jeanny, let's do telepathic sex tonight at 11pm."
2. "I did telepathic sex with my boyfriend Bobby last nite, I squirted good."
by Wild Card March 30, 2006
An act of masturbation where the semen is landed on one's own face.
Gee, I gave my boyfriend a hand-job last nite, and his semen is squirted to his own face and he licked 'em off. It's like watching one man bukake!
by Wild Card April 02, 2006
More formally known as Lucilla the Hun is generally a large scaley creature from the paleolithic era. Hell bent on destruction of your soul, shell stop at nothing to ruin all that is dear to you. This succubus will hunt down a male counterpart to mate with, crush their pelvis, and suck the blood from their body. The only way to defense against a Lucilla is to out run them and or have a cross made of baby bones.
Oh God! Here comes a Lucilla! Protect your pelvic bones!
by wild card November 07, 2013
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