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Jumping around, punching, kicking, and generally being violent to <b>LIVE</b> music, usually heavy metal, punk rock, hardcore or anything fast and hard.

It is not an excuse to try and hurt people but was origionally formed due to heavy metallers trying to release some of the fustrations of life.

Early Punkers didnt mosh, they skanked, pogoed and put stanley knives in each others backs.
"Dude! what happened to your arm?"

"Some tosser took a skateboard into the moshpit. Prick"

"Sucks to be you man."
#mosh pit #skanking #slam dancing #metal #punk
by Wil C December 23, 2005
A method of "dancing" to grunge and other muddier punk and metal, it involves the entire crowd pushing against each other whilst jumping, rather than moshing where only a few individuals participate. It is more powerful than a mosh because its hard to leave and if one person falls they can drag a large section of the crowd with them.

However there is less actual violence in a slam dancing crowd, and the occasional meathead in one can ruin it for eveyone.

Skanking in a mosh is either being way too confident for your own good or suidical.
"Dude there is a sign on the door of the club saying 'no moshing' that blows."

"so what man, get a bunch of people together and start slam dancing"
#moshing #pogoing #nirvana #pixies #meathead
by Wil C December 23, 2005
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