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Down right beautiful inside and out! She is different from other girls. She has her own style and personality that'll make people fall in love with her. She is never mean unless they're mean to her or someone she truly cares about. Super hilarious and her laugh is contagious, making everyone laugh along. When her friends don't have her around, they're just bored without her. Many guys love her, and many girls will be jealous of this, maybe some guys might be jealous because they like her while alot of other guys do too. She doesn't crush on people easily, but if she crushes on "you", then you're lucky, because it's hard for her to choose Mr. Right. Overall, she is the most amazing girl you'd meet.
We need Darcy, it's so boring without her!
by WikiNames November 01, 2012
Common name for a girl. She is amazingly pretty as a first impression. Somewhat shy and quiet and never speaks unless it's going wild with a couple of good friends. She teases people, but only as a joke. She hates being in fights and just wante peace between one another. Her main positive is socializing. No matter what she'll always have a group of friends with her to make her day. Other than socializing, she is intelligent, creative, and never bored!
Jaydelyn is so crazy, she threw sticks at people!
by WikiNames November 03, 2012

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