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One of the most wonderful sections in Levittown Pennsylvania. Where there are no 4 way intersections every street name starts with an H and everyone that lives here is white.

Its all white people. EVERY single person is white. Im not kidding If there is a minority they are lost or they are cutting though.

most of the kids here either smoke alot of weed drink alot of beers or do some type of drug because they think its the most boring place to live. they mostly think they are from philly driving rice burners (mostly civics) they want to add turbos and other expensive shit that their parents buy them and brag about racing and they never do. Also they graffiti thinking they are really good. And they always have car meets in the local shopping plaza while they sit there idling their cars talking smoking and doing nothing.

also most of our houses have weird special windows that normal air conditioners cant fit into
Highland Park-Levittown

Salesman-since you cant buy normal air conditioners because you have vertical windows that slide side to side you have to buy this overly expensive custom air conditioner

by Wikedjuggal0 June 15, 2011

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